Feedback Fish

Collect feedback & make your customers happy.

Collect feedback & make your customers happy.
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Hey hunters! 👋 We are four good friends from Vienna who have forever been meaning to build a product together. However, we never quite found the time next to our day jobs. One day we were chatting and set ourselves a challenge to try to build an entire product from scratch in one weekend. The we thought—if we're hacking for three days straight, why not livestream the whole thing?! 😱 That's how was born. We spent the past weekend building Feedback Fish from scratch live on air in front of thousands of people! So, why Feedback Fish? 🤔 We all individually have built products before, but realised it was kind of hard to get feedback from users. All existing solutions are heavyweight and do a lot more than we want them to (e.g. Intercom, Canny, etc). That's how Feedback Fish was born. It's an unobtrusive yet polished widget that fits into any website for users to drop ideas and issues into. You get an email for every suggestion, a dashboard to see all suggestions throughout history and pay us $10/month. That's it! We hope you enjoy Feedback Fish, try it out by dropping us some feedback on the landing page! (yes, that widget is connected to our account 😉) See you for the next product weekend ✌️
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@mxstbr Congrats on the successful launch after one highly productive weekend!
@mxstbr I followed along during parts of the weekend, amazing to see the final product. Congrats on the launch product looks awesome. Wishing my weekend was as productive as this.
@mxstbr Congratulations for the launch of your amazing product. It's really awesome and simple to use. Great work!
@mxstbr Congratulations Max for Feedback Fish. The product looks really good. It has been really difficult for us to take feedback and review from customers will try this out. What is the philosophy behind the product that would encourage people to initiate an honest feedback?
Simplest feedback widget on the market to use and implement by far ✨
Product Weekend is also a great idea if you let other creators build on the platform while people watch it, like Twitch, but for building products on weekends.
Love it, Max! The React component makes it a no brainer to try out. I’ll try it on my Shopify app this weekend 👍🏻
It was an amazing weekend building this! Thanks to all people who supported us during the stream!