Feedback Emoji

Capture user feedback with emojis

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Get feedback via emoji, right from your website! πŸ”₯
Hey there Product Hunt! I've been the PM on Feedback Emoji at Neon Roots. We're excited to release it to the world today. Emojis are a ubiquitous language that consumers already use every day to express their feelings. With Feedback Emoji, you can easily write a question, choose emojis, and capture feedback from your website! We'll be on PH all day so please ask us anything and leave some feedback if you want ;)
@abe_storey Any plans to release in-email Emoji feedback? I could use that
@msitver definitely a possibility for the future. In meantime, shoot me an email and let's talk: - we might have a solution that could work sooner than later depending on your needs.
I've put this on a couple of my sites and it's real easy to set up, and Abe and those other guys are really receptive to feedback and requests for features. Easy way to get feedback from visitors, and free is always good.
@vacord Stuart is the man! For those looking for highly detailed feedback reports and customer discovery, check out his product
No native app support ?
@tnsrig No, not yet. Something we're definitely thinking about for the future! Where would you want to use Feedback Emoji on your native app?
@abe_storey I would love to integrate this in our iOS/Android apps to ask users how do they like their latest experience (e.g., after making an order)
@galina_ryzhenko Totally makes sense. πŸ’― We've added this to our feature backlog and we'll do our best to have it in v2!
Tried implementing it on a site and while I see script code in page source, nothing loads on page.
@natewilldo Sorry to hear that! Shoot me an email: and we'll get this straightened out for you