Feedback by Pixelic

Painless design feedback and version control.

Feedback by Pixelic lets you painlessly manage design feedback and organize files via simple version control.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hey PH! Chris from Pixelic here. Feedback by Pixelic is a simple but effective solution for any designers in need of making feedback loops faster and managing versions effortlessly. You can make feedback within three clicks! Sharing is so easy for anyone with a link! Guests can enter name and email to start giving feedback instantly. We’re launching design feedback and version control features as a standalone product to let designers use our product as we develop towards the full version of our product (Pixelic). A note - we don’t have a mobile view yet! So it’s best to view our site on a desktop. 🙏🙏We’d love to get your feedback and we’re happy to answer any questions!
Simple, straightforward, it does what it promises without getting in the way. I just tested it and it was flawless at the first approach. I wrote a short review for it here:
@robingood Hey Robin, thanks so much! I saw your review, really helpful. Much appreciate your interest!
In case of working with non-english speaking clients or designers, will there be other language option as well?
@choi_linda hey! we currently have English as our language, but we will definitely look into supporting various languages. Thanks!
How is this different from Google's
@rosstopherkeen hey Prajwal, Material Design's is a similar technology (image annotation) but doesn't have version control. As we spoke to several designers, their main pain points were long feedback loops and version control (they didn't have any). Our version control is simple enough for any designer to start uploading new files on top of old versions and we'll keep track of it for you. Also, any comment left on each file is stored for later reference. :) Thanks!
@rosstopherkeen @andreasduess Andreas, thanks for the comment. Filestage definitely offers a similar feature to our product. For us, we want the experience to be light, simple, and fast. That's our mantra. :)
@chaeschris Well, I'm sure has version control and the comment system is pretty similar too.
What kind of fileformats does this support? more importantly will it support Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop files?
@unclejessy4real hey clayon, currently we support image files (e.g., jpg, png etc.) supporting adobe files as well as .sketch is in our roadmap! thanks!