Instant post-purchase customer engagement

I'm founder of @Receiptful and am happy to answer any questions about Feedback. ;)
Ecommerce and SaaS owners often fail to leverage the post-purchase experience. This looks like a new product on top of Receiptful from @adii You get feedback from your clients to improve your product. Your customers get an open channel for feedback and are ultimately a little happier. I'm looking forward to giving this a try.
@charlieirish Thanks for sharing this! :)
I love the direction you are going with this, much needed in todays world
@johnmurch I can't claim all of the credit though. We were obviously massively inspired by Square: So in that sense we're not revolutionising anything. We are however building receipts as a publishing medium and we're adding these tried-and-tested marketing techniques and strategies on top of that medium. I'd also like to think that through our existing WooCommerce & Shopify integrations (along with upcoming integrations for BigCommerce & Magento) that we're democratizing this functionality for a wider group of potential users (because building your own bespoke receipts is expensive).
@johnmurch @adii Receiptful is a superb product and a great example of not having to reinvent the wheel to make something great.
Thanks for the kind words, @mzuvella!
This looks like a really great idea, though I'm not sure I understand the details of how it works. For mobile, do you have a screen that you show after a purchase? Or does it all work via the post-purchase email receipt?
@nickoneill We have to load a separate form to allow customers to submit their feedback. Maybe we can innovate though and figure out an alternative & ubiquitous way to capture without without have to load a separate form (in a browser). :)