Feeday on Apple Watch

Widget for Instagram now on your Apple Watch

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Typo on your subhead: "Feeday allows you to ceck your feed, people and hashtags anytime."
@sholtaway "Feeday lets you watch your feed, people and hashtags anytime."
@FioreArcaDesign tell us about the challenges you faced while applying the features for the Apple Watch :)
Hey Hunters 😸 great update for Feeday 1.5.0 I'm pleased to announce that finally the ⌚️Watch version it's here!!! 😊 You can quickly see your feeds, people and hashtags to your wrist divided into blocks of 3, 6 or 9 photos, you can set this in your iPhone. I wanted to reproduce the same user experience like Feeday for iPhone, so you can swipe left to move from "feed" block to "people" block and "hashtags", with the wheel of your watch instead you can scroll to the other photo, also here the pics are divided into squares (Note that this works if you have in-App purchase to access all of the blocks). From today never miss your Instagram news...because always on your wrist!! What do you think? Are appreciated suggestions and feedback. Enjoy this new experience! ☺️ ✌🏻