Feeday for Instagram

The easiest way to share and browse Instagram feed

Feeday is the easiest way to browse and share Instagram feed from widgets screen. Create custom feed in a minute and see them without unlock your iPhone. Featured on the App Store “BEST NEW APPS” in more than 40 Countries (July 2015).

Feeday app works on iPhone, iPad, iWatch and iMessage extension.

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Interesting how the market is moving away from notifications center 1.0 - basically a list of 'dumb' notifications as signposts - to a richer, functional notifications center with cards that essentially are the app.
@pieterpaul Definitely I would say, I think that widgets have great potential and simplify life, even just making immediate action can simplify Ux
Thanks @teresa20133 to publish Feeday 🙌🏼🙌🏼 and special thanks to my bro and developer Nils Kasseckert 👏🏼 🇩🇪 🇮🇹 Hey Product Hunters hello everybody, Feeday is a new iOS widget for Instagram. I created Feeday because I was tired of seeing my Instagram feed scroll one by one in the timeline! I thought, "and if there was a faster way?" Yes! Can I use the widget, in fact I wanted to have an overview of photos ranging from 3 to 9 photos, so do not make too chaotic user experience. Having a problem keeping track of your instagram feed? Well, not anymore. Feeday is a new iOS Today widget for the iPhone and iPad that will give you an overview of your latest instagram feed without having to open the app. Feeday will divide your photos into 3 blocks: 3, 6 or 9, selecting which one is optional for you. Now it won’t take long to get updated with what’s going on around your world. With just a swipe, this simple yet amazing app will keep you posted with every latest news feed on Instagram. The App is Free and u can use block of 3, if u want unlock block of 6 and 9 (together) u can spend only $1,99 (this small amount will help to improve the product and to build new functions around 🙌🏼 ) We are already developing a new feature that integrates seamlessly with the new Search View Instagram, and a version for ⌚️ Watch!! You can see HERE the Dribbble project
Update 12 May 2016 ________________ Now it’s finally live on the App Store the new update 1.6 🔥 with funny improvements such as you can add up to 3 people and up to 3 hashtags to see in the widget. We have created a “🎨 Create Mosaic” feature that will allow you to generate a mosaic from different sources, all-in-one-tap as that reflects our goal: we want to simplify your daily update on Instagram. Ah… the everything happened with New Look for Instagram… coincidence? 😎😅 This is a fun and cool release, includes: Add up to 3 people (Premium feature). Add up to 3 hashtags (Premium feature). Create your Mosaic: combines the latest 9 photos from feed, from people, from hashtags, from your posts or random Emoji and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter o wherever you want 😉 It’s instantaneous! Restart widget from when do you leave it. Feeday back to give you a good morning, good afternoon and good evening! We added 3D Touch shortcuts for new devices. Bug fixes. Any feedback here or on the App Store It’s welcome 🙌 👉 Update or download on the App Store 👈 ★★★★★ Lovin’ it! “I run an Instagram community for my city, and this app helps checking in on things when on the go. Keep up the good work! 👍 I only review apps that are worth my time. This app definitely deserves it.” by @anormalflame via the App Store
Update 7 September 2016 _____________________ Hi, hunters! After 3 months of hard work, I and my developer we were able to launch in late summer Version 2.0 💪😎 Feeday is a new, personal and easiest way to explore Instagram directly in the notification center. You can discover brands, people and tags by simply browsing widget. We’ve chaned our strategy and App logic after Instagram has made our app life impossible, as the third app developer. Instagram have limited use of public APIs by eliminating the ability to show the current feed to the users. But we're not discouraged, like so many others, and we went ahead, introducing new sparkling features that make the approach more customizable with Instagram feed. We’re working hard to fix some issues in this version and planned to give more channels beyond instagram like Tumblr, Pinterest, Spotify, Dribbble, ect. Download for free http://get.feedayapp.com WHAT'S NEW: • Discover people and tags hand-curated by the instagramers who know best. • Add unlimited following people but also people who do not follow yet! • Mark as favorites the people you most care about and find them in a different section. • Add unlimited tags. • Let us advise you: every week new section Trending. • Multiple blocks: choose photo setup that you like. • Tap to open in Instagram app. No loss of time! • Send photo to your friends directly from widget. • One-hand only: looks your feed when holding a coffee, no need to unlock your device. Try it out and let us know what you think! I'll be here to answer all your feedback.