A social networking & microblogger powered by blockchain

Feed is a social networking utility & microblogging app powered by Blockstack. Write posts up to 500 characters and share them anywhere with a permalink. With Feed, you own your data and identity. There are no ads. It's just you and the content you create.
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Daniel A. Anderson
creative technologist, sci-fi novelist
I'm building Feed because I love social media, but wanted an alternative to centralized platforms that own our data. As a novelist, artist, and independent creator of many stripes, I need social media to get the word out about my projects. I'm also a developer. As a developer, I believe that technology can be designed in service to a greater good. It's up to us to create tools that other people will love and be inspired by to do great things. Feed's first release has a simple goal: write bite-sized posts and share them with the world. But it won't stop there. Feed has a long roadmap of features that will be rolled out progressively. You can expect things like posting images, long-form rich text posts, and connecting with other users in meaningful ways. Feed is a passion project with a serious mission: to empower users with a social media experience they will love that lets them own their data and identity. Thank you for supporting me on ProductHunt!
Xander Jake de los SantosFull Stack Developer || Digital Artist