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I am currently running a school on Fedora and it is my favorite platform in the online tech ed space. I highly recommend using this service.
I host my courses on stpcollege.com using Fedora. Highly recommend it.
Eliot and I currently host The Complete iOS 7 Course and the upcoming Complete iOS 8 Course on fedora. Our company, bitfountain.io, has over 55,000 students actively going through the material on our platform. Fedora couldn't make it any easier. And I say this after a year journey trying to build our own platform, working on top of the EdX codebase, and even using Udemy. Fedora is by far the best solution both for our students and for us on the admin side.
The most valuable content online is the content we learn from. Fedora empowers thought leaders to monetize their knowledge and create their own online schools. I feel like this may be the next step for blogs and thought leaders to take their platforms to the next level.
Cheers, appreciate the love Anthony. I'm the founder of Fedora and happy to answer questions Unlike online learning marketplaces, we give teachers the technology to build a school on their own site - and consequently, give them full ownership of their audience and brand. We right now power over 400 active online schools with 125k students including Bitfountain.io - whose last course was featured on PH with 400+ upvotes: https://www.producthunt.com/post...