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Transparently showcases startups seeking co-founders

I get approached all the time about co-founding roles. Too frequently the people I speak to are cagey, vague, or unclear about who they are, what they're building, and what they have to offer.

Featured Founder fixes that by adding transparency to the cofounder search process so people can stop searching and focus on building their product.

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Really nice experience. Something I have found with previous 'find my cofounder' style of sites is the lack of trust that I have for the individuals that I am interacting with, seems like Featured Founder takes that fear away!
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Hi everyone! I created Featured Founder to put a spotlight on founders who are proud and upfront about what they're building. I'm happy to answer any questions and would love to hear any feedback or suggestions to improve Featured Founder!
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@remyphelps really liking things so far. Any plans for vetting the potential respondents? Or just keeping that on the founder's to do?
@will_sykora I filter out anything that's obviously spam but leave the rest up to the founder. It's worked well so far!
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I found this offering really compelling. I've struggled as a single founder trying to juggle everything, and I knew I needed additional technical chops to get Covailnt where it needs to go. I love the transparency this provides, and I especially love that I've already got a few people to reach out to.


Posted up for less than a day, and already received responses from a few high potential co-founders


Used for less than a week but none so far!