Create your own original story layouts or choose from over 60 different templates. Move, scale, blur, rotate, or even add a border to your photos. Fonts, background colors, and stock photos from Unsplash. Save your stories and edit later. No account required.

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Man, tough one here. As co-founder of Unfold (, I love seeing new perspectives on story content creation tools. We love competition and believe that it will only force innovation, creativity, and ultimately better products for users. With that being said, I wish there was more creativity behind your creative components. Your templates are literally carbon copies of the collections we’ve released over the last year (CS, DW1, FF1, RP1). You’ve also included most of our fonts – fonts that we discovered and licensed from different independent font designers. Again, love seeing new tools in the space but inspiration is different than replication. Hoping to see more innovation from Featured in the future. Rooting for you.
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@9th Going to have to agree with Andy here. There's space to compete without directly replicating designs from others.
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@perlerar @9th I'll go for the first one on Android!
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@perlerar @arvinallen We've been on Android for nine months ⚡️
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@perlerar @9th Downloading now!! You won me over hahaha
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Backstory: 2 years ago I was at a pop up in SoHo for Frank Ocean’s upcoming album, Blonde. I showed up early and managed to pick up a copy of the Boys Don’t Cry zine. It was a recap of Frank’s life, post Channel Orange. The photography and layout of the whole thing is insane. There are screenshots of his browsing history, color palettes, apparel design and photos from all the cities he visited. I kept coming back to that zine, thinking of new ways to tell stories like this. The following year, I decided to build Featured. A design tool that gives creatives the freedom to tell their story anyway they want. I signed up to Treehouse, made an account on GitHub and fell in love with Stack Overflow. 3 weeks later, I had a super simple iOS app with a canvas that let me add photos, resize, scale, change background colors and export to my camera roll. It was terrible. But it worked! As I used it, friends started DM’ing me, asking how I was making my stories. That’s when I saw the hook and asked my homie Komran to collab and help me build the vision. After almost 12 months of endless nights and weekends, countless iterations and 0 funding, we made it to 3.0. It’s been so much fun working together and I’m honestly just so proud of what we’ve been able to build. We really hope you enjoy it. Feedback and feature requests are always welcome 🙏 Tag us on instagram with #featuredstory and we’ll shout you out on our IG! Can’t wait to see what you create
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This app only for Android?
@roland_hovsepyan Only iOS for now! Android version coming soon 🤞
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@roland_hovsepyan Looks like only for iOS atm, would be cool to see a web app.
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@roland_hovsepyan @mastemine @amrith That's a really good request. We've been thinking a lot around how web ties back into the platform. Definitely something we're exploring 👍
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Really cool thing, I would rather only ask for more fonts