Feature Flags for Mobile Apps

Enable or disable mobile features at a moment’s notice

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This feature is product developer's dream.
I’m Nancy, co-founder of Apptimize :). I’m happy you’re checking out our mobile feature flags product! We made feature flags because our customers such as Strava, HotelTonight, and the Chive all talked about the barriers to developing on mobile: you have to squeeze all your changes into each release, and each App / Play store submission was a huge, stressful event. This framework lets apps control what % of your users (or down to the individual user) see each change in your app, which reduces the risk of each deployment and gives mobile teams more control. Please tell us your feedback because I’d love to understand what you think!
Love the idea behind this, and something that we've been doing via some various hacks... Any support coming for Swift?? :)
@hegranes Of course! We love Swift! Just add one line to your bridging header and you're good to go. Here are the details: http://apptimize.com/docs/faq/sdk/ "How do I use Feature Flags in Swift?"
@huanancy - We use feature flagging heavily, so I'm glad to see more services like this popping up. What differentiates you from other existing hosted feature flagging services like https://launchdarkly.com ??
@javidjamae Hi Javid, looking at their code they started focused on web and so far their mobile SDK's seem more basic in functionality and are still in beta on iOS- I don't think they offer Android. Apptimize is specifically focused on mobile, and we have exited beta with our launch partners on both iOS and Android. We let you do extensive targeting (for example, deploy to some subset of new users or only your premium users), we show you analytics on adoption across your user base, and our customers say our timelines are useful. We are also unique in letting you QA your changes by pushing them to your simulators/ devices to verify they are doing what you want, and we are the only product offering auto-integrations with 3rd party SDK's such as Mixpanel, Flurry, GA, Localytics, Amplitude, etc. We offer up to 10K MAU free because we want to be accessible to startups and independent projects. So if you give us a try, please let me know your feedback!
Really cool! Congrats @huanancy!