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#5 Product of the DayMarch 15, 2016
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I've adopted FeathersJS and haven't looked back. It plays well with React and allows you to build universal JS apps. The ability to modularize your code with before and after hooks and the ability to easily break services out into their own microservice is huge. I would love to see more documentation, right now a lot of the pages aren't finished, but I'm sure they are working hard on fixing that.
@imns81 Hey Nate! Glad you are liking it! We've added a TON of docs the last month so hopefully a lot of the stuff you were missing is now in place. If not and you have some suggestions for missing sections please open an issue, or even a PR ;-), and we'll get to it ASAP. IMHO open source projects and APIs live and die by their docs.
Very interesting! Haven't experimented too much yet, but looking forward to getting something started soon. How flexible is Feathers when using an API as backend instead of a DB? For example, in my experience Meteor makes it extremely difficult to use anything but MongoDB when trying to retrieve / persist objects.
@hermanschutte Hey Herman! Thanks for the interest. It's very flexible. Feathers supports more databases than any other real-time framework (15+). You can have multiple in the same app and can swap them out with minimal code changes if the db isn't right for you. The docs explain a lot more http://docs.feathersjs.com/datab....
Yes! I love Feathers, it's such a simple but powerful abstraction over Express APIs. I've used this on a bunch of projects. Excited to see it posted.
@micahbrich Awesome to hear. Would love to see some of the stuff you've built. Feel free to drop on by the slack room http://slack.feathersjs.com.
Hey Everyone! We had to take a short nap but are around for questions in you have any. Feel free to hit up http://slack.feathersjs.com as well. There's a party going on in there! :-)
Absolutely beautiful!!! I will share with my community for sure.
@omarsar0 Thanks Omar! Really appreciate it.