Feather - Nest for the TV

Control Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect and Nest Cam from TV

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Creator here! Thanks for checking out Feather. This is our first update since our recent launch. We’ve added support for the Snapshot API! Now you are able to stream snapshots for your Nest Cams in addition to the existing support for Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. Please let me know if there are any questions, or email me at claude@coffeebeanstudios.com
Can't believe I missed this before. Have been complaining about the lack of Nest Cam AppleTV app for a while. Buying a soon as I get home… currently using mirrored AirPlay (not even video AirPlay… really Nest?) to check on my 6mo firecracker while _"sleeps"_, Rant aside, @claudesutterlin curious of your thinking behind developing an App that one would logically think Nest will(?) compete for free at some point. Asume it was a gamble and my rant above prove your risk.
@rmateu So, Roberto, I would love for you to check out the app and let me know your thoughts. One thing to reiterate specifically for your use case though - We're only able to use snapshots per the Nest API. So, you'll only get 10 screenshots per minute with Nest Aware subscription or 2 per minute without. It's a little bit limited for a baby monitor still. I've contacted Nest through every channel and they refuse to give me access to an actual stream - pretty frustrating. I'm still working on some other avenues to provide true streaming, but if that's the only reason for purchasing you might want to hold off (or check it out and refund it). Regarding Nest competing with me... I'm really not sure. I don't know what to expect from them at this point. Everything we hear coming out of there indicates that the developers are being worked really hard, but even so, not much new comes out in regards to technology. I'm not too worried about them releasing an Apple TV app - I think it might be too small of an audience for them or they might not prioritize it. If they do, they have to do it as well or better than I did which is a good bar for me to be able to set for the community.
@claudesutterlin thanks for the clarification. Will hold off for now, but following on twitter for a hopeful update. Good luck!
It's not available in US store.
@iva_shaishmelashvili It's an AppleTV app - Make sure you're searching for it in the AppleTV app store! Let me know if you continue to have issues.
@iva_shaishmelashvili No worries! You're not the first, nor likely to be the last :)