Your combined to-do list and daily goal management tracker

Feather is your personal productivity butler. Features contain:

- Feather butler/assistant

- To-do list and day schedules

- Goal management

- Stats analyzing your productivity

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Any relation to https://feathericons.com/? The icons/logo look nearly identical.
@wfb Good eye! Feather Icons are the default icons I use for my apps. I was inspired by the simplicity of the icons, so much wanted the app to represent the “Feather of Productivity Apps”.
@hyericlee Makes sense! Thought you might've also helped design those too. They're amazing.
love the minimal design. plz fix bugs
@rogilbert215 Glad you liked the design! I apologize for the bugs that are present, do contact me at support@enulus.com and I will personally fix any issues you're experiencing!
I would love to see this product with a dark theme.
@jimknutt There is one, go to the settings from the main screen and enable it.
@jimknutt Hey there! Dark mode is available after upgrading to Feather Pro by In-App purchase!
Love the design and the experience. Just downloaded it, but hoping it encourages me to do a better job of planning my days. Any plans for API development? or syncing :wink:?
@michael_nakayama Thank you, very glad you enjoy Feather! Calendar syncing is a popular request that will be made available in updates to come. As for API development, I'm interested to know how you would like to use the API!
@hyericlee I'd enjoy just hacking around with it. Throwing it at some chat apps or my echo. Then maybe pulling in events with specific indicators onto my personal website or something? Haven't thought through the specific case I'd like to use the most.
@michael_nakayama Feather productivity accessible everywhere, I see! I like the idea, thanks for the suggestion! Once I get to build the API, I'll make sure that you'll be one of the first to access it!
Nice, so far so good! I have used it for two days now and haven't stopped. I love the day timeline and how easy it is to add events and todos into it. Makes me want to finish them every time!
@aidancao Hi Aidan, very glad Feather has been helpful!