Blow to your phone!! ... play without touching the screen!

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Ahmed Farag
Ahmed FaragMaker@ahmed_farag_mohammed
This game will take your breath away ... literally. Use your breath to blow towards your phone, to move the fan, and keep the feather safe and dry, while collecting coins. Very simple, yet very challenging as you have to be calm, wise, precise, and in peace of mind to be able to keep the feather where it should be. Recommended in: - Parks: to force you to have a lot of fresh breaths - Bathrooms: to make you let out the bad breaths - Workplaces: to get you fired - Outings: to brag about having a magical game that you play by blowing to your phone and not touching the screen at all. Prepare to "blow" your mind off, with a gameplay that you never experienced. Values: - Yes built using latest apple tools, to have a fast lightweight native app - Yes feather-light on memory - Yes feather-light on battery - Yes feather-light on disk storage - No Hands, you don't need to touch the screen to play the game - No Pause, non-stop gaming - No Menu, avoiding buttons, and useless information - No in-app purchases, that will make the game slow until you pay - No Ads Be the first of your group to impress the rest ;)