Feather 3.0

Furniture that changes with you.

Feather is a furniture subscription service that offers a flexible and sustainable alternative to ownership. Feather makes it easy for city dwellers to furnish their homes without spending a fortune or hurting the planet in the process.
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Hey PH community! Over the past year at Feather, we’ve been listening, building, testing, and iterating, and are excited to introduce Feather 3.0: a new membership model focused on giving our members a flexible and sustainable alternative to ownership. I’ll jump right in. For $19/month, members get access to over 150 different furniture items at a low monthly price. Member benefits include free delivery and assembly within a week, and the flexibility to change pieces when your life changes by easily adding, swapping, buying or returning any of your items at any time. The first change is free, and $99/trip after that. Members pay roughly 50% of the items’ retail price in the first year, making it an affordable solution for those moving every 1-2 years. Not only is Feather beneficial for our members, but our model over time will solve a big problem facing the planet. Each year, 9.7m tons of disposable furniture or “fast furniture” is dumped into our landfills. Feather’s circular approach reduces the environmental impact that furniture waste has on our planet by keeping furniture in homes and out of landfills. We’re extremely proud of this, and are committed to creating a happier and healthier planet (it’s in our mission after all)! As always, we’d love feedback from the PH community - it's how we'll ensure we're building the right service for y'all! Poke around the site and let us know what you think. Thanks!
@jayreno Please come to Austin! I'd love to use this!
@jayreno I like the concept and see this being a real alternative to owning furniture - especially in places like NYC (first-hand experience as both an NYC resident and advertiser in this industry) and SF. I'd be interested in hearing more about your acquisition strategy and how you're sourcing products. I'd be glad to talk to you about it and offer help if I can. I've been in the furniture industry for more than ten years, and my company is running digital advertising for market-leading furniture and kitchen brands, as well as more than 1,000 of their retailers worldwide.
How is this different than Rent-A-Center, other than Rent-A-Center not charging customers when they change furniture?
Congrats on the recent investment and the expansion @jayreno some exciting news it seems. Keep me in the loop if you ever decide to expand to Europe!
Thanks @aaronoleary — appreciate the kind words!
Isn't this just a high-tech version of Rent-a-center?
@mstephan is that a bad thing? isn't Uber just a high-tech version of a taxi?
@_jacksmith Absolutely not. Never said it was a bad thing, just not a new thing. :-) I saw some people wishing it was in their city, and well, their competitor is, Rent-A-Center. :-)
Love the furniture available on Feather - especially the Weaver bed frame. As someone who bed size commitment issues (should I choose a Queen, Full, or a King?), the bed frame on Feather is a perfect solution. All the weather is #instagramworthy and the concept is brilliant. Love Feather!