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Thanks for sharing this, @mijustin! I wrote this course because I worked with so many people who were pursuing a salary increase without a way to quantify their goal—the salary they should be pursuing. They would say, "I'm underpaid and I want a raise." and I would say, "What should you be paid?" and they wouldn't have any idea. Or they would get a job offer and suddenly realize they didn't know how "good" the offer was, whether they should negotiate, or how much they should expect to be paid to do a new job. So before I could help them, I would hit pause and say, "First we need to estimate the market value of your skillset and experience in your industry. And we can use that as a baseline to evaluate your current pay or evaluate the job offer you just got." I would walk them through this simple process, then we would resume planning their next salary increase with a clear goal in mind. That happened a lot, so I produced this video course to help the people I work with, and others who don't know whether they're paid what they're worth. I'm happy to answer any questions, so ask away!
That's true, Josh is a friend. But objectively speaking, his knowledge on the topic is very impressive. I haven't watched the video course yet, but I'm sure it's almost as solid as his book. Good job launching it, Josh!
I think this would be awesome to aggregate into a website with various options! Undoubtedly the resources in the videos are extremely useful but I think that could grab some more attention and use cases.
@as_austin This is a great suggestion - thanks for sharing it. Something new to think about, and that's really helpful!
@joshdoody No problem! Obviously, that's attacking it from another direction but it could be extremely useful the more and more your expand the website and you can have the ability to publicly report (obviously would need to be parsed) but I think it would be great!
While I was working as a Product Manager, my friend @joshdoody was the guy I called whenever I needed salary advice. The biggest question most professionals have when applying for a job, or asking for a raise is simply: Am I being paid what I'm worth? After constantly getting questions like this from his friends, he decided to create a video course anyone could watch. I just finished watching this one, and it's very good. He's a WAAAY better narrator than I am. ;) If you get anxious about salary stuff, you should definitely check it out.
so how does it work...and how accurate? would love to hear feedback as I imagine people will use their current employer as a reference point Is there a way to check it out without an email course? I bet a lot of people would search their own salaries Where does the info come from?
Hey @bentossell! The simplified version is "Do online research, talk to people, consider your own specific skillset and experience". This course gives you a simple process to follow and helps you turn your research and conversations into an estimate. The entire course is only about 15 minutes because this is a really easy process. It's not hard—people just don't know where to start, or don't trust their own research. Your current employer is exactly what you say—a reference point that you can use with other reference points to estimate your market value. I'm going to add my own comment to unpack this a little more–you've asked some good questions here :) If you have any other questions, ask away!
@joshdoody love this idea. I'd love to see it as an app instead of course. Working on an algorithm? Want help?
@toobulkeh Hi Dan, that's an interesting idea, and seems similar to @as_austin's suggestion. Would you mind shooting me an email at josh at joshdoody dot com so I can get a better sense of what you have in mind? Cheers!