Fearless Geniuses of Silicon Valley

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I'm so pleased to make these prints available and share the stories behind them. When Steve Jobs gave me access to document him with his team he'd just been forced out at Apple and starting all over, his low point. He had a decade of struggle and failure ahead but we all thought his comeback would be quick. He decided to build a super computer to transform education so powerful he told me " some kid at Stanford could cure cancer in his dorm room." I love this shot of Steve in his "prayer" pose as he is giving an intense rallying talk to the team just before the launch of the NeXT computer. But it was late, overpriced and ultimately the hardware failed. Yet he never gave up on it's gorgeous operating system and that proved his redemption years later when Apple bought it. That was his ticket back to Apple and his rise back to the top with hit product after hit product. Steve was just my entry point into the chaos and creativity then exploding in Silicon Valley. Because he trusted me I got access to photograph behind-the-scenes with so many amazing innovators and entrepreneurs, to capture their process of innovation as they did it. Every product we have today has its roots in the technology developed in the 80's and 90's, in some cases earlier, by the people in I photographed. The tools they built changed our culture, the nature of work and what it means to be human. All the cool stuff just dreamed of then is coming together now, becoming reality and promises to yield an even more insane revolution of new technology. The next wave is coming fast but it's good to know where you came from. Steve took a lot of time to learn his history and learn upon whose shoulders he was standing. That's why we are creating an education program partly funded from these print sales to get the relevant lessons and stories out there to inspire and challenge the next generation of fearless geniuses. Onward!
@doug_menuez Your book is one of my favorites! I will definitely be getting some of these prints. 📸
@whoismaxpelzner THANKS Max -I'm so happy to hear it, thanks for supporting the mission!
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