Google Alerts meets Facebook Groups

Get an email notification everytime a keyword of your choice gets mentioned in Fb groups of your choice.

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Hi PH, I’m Mike, a self-taught coder from Puglia (if you know Italy is like a boot, I’m from the heel!). You know me already because I launched Angage.net (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) on PH last December. Today I’m launching FbRadar.com This product sends you an email notification every time a keyword of your choice gets mentioned in Fb groups of your choice. It's like Google Alerts for Facebook Groups. **WHY I BUILT THIS** As a product owner, I'm constantly engaging in groups marketing my products/services to relevant people. I was tired to check Fb groups manually, so I built this. **FEATURES** ✓ Find a group ID by inserting a group url. ✓ Set up an alert with a keyword that the software will search on posts of that group. ✓ Get notified of new, relevant posts. You can choose frequency: weekly, daily or hourly. **HOW** To build this I used free resources and my experience. I used bulma.io, a free css framework, for the front-end and PHP for the back-end. I strongly support transparency and openness by sharing my app and revenue metrics with everyone. As for all my apps, if you are interested you can actually see how many users the app has, how much I am making ($) and the rundown of my expenses here: https://fbradar.com/open Thanks! Mike

I've tried the test alert and it works so far.


Simple interface.


None so far.