Do divorce differently

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Divorce is hard for Android users, too....
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@idahole_dot_com Fayr will be available for Android at the end of 2017.
Caught this on Planet of the Apps - really great idea! If I could make a suggestion, I don't think "Do divorce differently" is a great tagline though - it implies this app is involved in the actual divorce filing process, which it isn't.
Wow, this is amazing. I know of a few people who have issue from divorce that this app takes care of. Brilliant work!
@3raxton Thanks! I'm glad my app is able to help others.
This could help so many people. Divorce is hard and co-parenting after a divorce is equally, if not more so, difficult.
Personally, I used Wevorce. There were hiccups, but it was overall a positive experience β€” and only cost around $6k. #ConsciousUncoupling