Pay-as-you-go virtual fax

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Co-Founder, God Hates Games
This is awesome, every other Fax service requires a monthly commitment. For a small business that needs to send faxes once a year its a huge hassle. Thanks for making this!
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Nick Woodhams
Freelance Product Engineer
As far as I know, FAXY is the most affordable faxing solution for occasional faxing. Incoming private fax number is available for only $1/week, send/receive faxes for just 15 cents per page. Enjoy!
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JasonFounder, Plug.dj
@nickwoodhams k7.net provides a free incoming fax service, but no outbound. faxzero.com allows outbound for free (limited of 3 pages and they place an ad on the cover-sheet). Faxy does indeed look to be cheaper than faxzero for: more than 3 AND less than 14 pages. There is certainly some value in bringing both inbound and outbound within a single platform. Best of luck!
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Kelly Kuhn-Wallace
🎯Strategist for Hire
Sweet hunt! For the few clients (and my parents!) who occasionally require fax service, I'll be using this. (Where is the bargain hunts section?)
janfsauerSr. Global Director, SAP
Nice hunt! Just used faxzero for a one time fax. Thanks!
Unfortunatelly, I can't send a fax to Europe as there is only one digit provided for country code. So, I will continue to use WiseFax as I can send fax worldwide. It also allows me to edit documents and add a cover page. And, very important to me, it is a pay-as-you-go service. I don't send faxes very often, so subscription is not interesting to me.