Send and receive faxes online (Super easy and very secure)

FAX.PLUS is a secure online fax service. It is HIPAA compliant, cross-platform, easy to use, and extremely secure. Learn more on https://www.fax.plus

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Hi everyone! Fax is dead to a lot of people but still a must have for lots of businesses. We have decided to provide an elegant service for those still need to use this old technology. Our main focus was to create a seamless, elegant experience by incorporating our features into user’s current platforms (G Suite, Google Docs, Google Sheets, iOS, Android, Web, Email and even through our API). FAX.PLUS Main Features: • Get a local number from over 40 countries to receive fax • Send fax to over 150 different countries • G Suite, Google Docs and Google Sheets add-ons • Programmable fax API • Cross platform (iOS, Android, Web) • Email to fax • Send fax to numbers that require extension dialing • Scheduled delivery • Start with 10 free pages

Love the google docs add-on


Super easy


A Slack integration would be nice