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Happy to share with you Favro, a product made by a startup of Uppsala (Sweden). @PatricPalm and @RoydenJames please tell us more about Favro. Why did you decide to build it? Was it a kanban type app from day one?
@gregoiregilbert @patricpalm @roydenjames All the best things are made in Uppsala!
@jasondainter Ain't that the truth 👍
Hmmm, is this a bit like Trello? What are the differences?
@dominicquentin we love Trello. Its easy to use, and very intuitive. But we found that with that simplicity came some draw backs. So we decided to take a concept like what Trello has done to another level. We have added some pretty awesome features that make Favro as easy to use, but powerful enough to take on enterprise (teams of teams). Features such as backlogs, live boards, card linking, multiple boards to name a few, as well as integrations with apps such as slack, google drive, hip chat and Github. On the surface Favro seems easy and light weight, but dig a bit deeper and you will see where it start coming into its own.
@roydenjames Ok that sounds nice. I just made an account and gonna try it out. I do already like the multiple board set-up! Is there a way to import stuff from Trello by any chance?
@dominicquentin Glad you like it. Please feel free to send any feedback. And just shout if you need anything.
@dominicquentin There is a way, at the moment we are limited to how Trello exports the data, but you can import and exported Trello board into Favro. In the top menu where you create a new board, there is an option to import Trello boards as JSON files.
@roydenjames Awesome stuff! Thanks!
Well, we have been in the collaboration game now for over 10 years with our enterprise product Hansoft. Over the years through collaboration with our many customers and the advancements in technology and open source, our true vision of what we wanted out of a collaboration tool could now be realized. We personally use a mix of kanban and agile methodologies, but we realized that most users want to be able to work in their own way, and not be dictated to. We wanted people to be able to work in a way that suited their way of working but still be able to collaborate with other people in their organization who intern would be doing the same. Being easy to use is one thing, but maintaining true scalable collaboration is where the magic is in Favro. For instance being able to have a card in multiple boards tracked by different people at the same time.
Been playing around with this when it was under the Hansoft X brand, very impressive. The way I would best describe this is that its like Trello but more flexible. One request I would love to see here would be Zapier.com integration. Any plans on this @PatricPalm and @RoydenJames ?
@jasondainter Zapier is one of my favorite products. And would be a great addition. We have a public roadmap that you can take a look at. This shows what's coming up and what we are currently working on. As far as I know it's not on the immediate backlog, but if more people request it, we are prepared to reprioritize. Let me know and I can send you the public roadmap link.
@jasondainter just thought id let you know that Zapier is now on the cards as it were. Let me know and I can get you in as a tester before we launch it publicly
Amazing work! It is very fully featured.
@mblode not to mention free for as many users as you want, forever. Thanks for the good words
@roydenjames @mblode so whats the catch?
@eonpilot there is no real catch except when you want more advanced apps. At the heart of Favro will be an App Store where you can customize each board to suite it's needs. Every new organization gets one free app
@roydenjames Cool, So you pay for edge cases. Sounds good. The only problem I have with trello is that it feels a bit too much like work.
@eonpilot when you say work, what do you mean? If you don't mind me asking. To setup or to work with on a daily basis?