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Yoni Shechter — Founder at @FavorizeApp
@bramk thanks for hunting!

Hey Product Hunt, I’m the founder of Favorize.

We want to make it easier for you to highlight, share and discover bite-size content. As Bram mentioned, you can use our Chrome extension (mobile apps coming soon) to highlight and share text from any web page.

Next to this, we’re also building a community where people can share their discoveries for others to find. Anyone can search for subjects and tags they find interesting, even without being a member.

I started Favorize to scratch my own itch. I’ve seen how my dad would highlight books and articles using his favorite two pens in the pre-internet era. He then migrated to copying an article into Outlook and annotating it in multiple colors before emailing it to coworkers, friends and family. That ought to be done easier ;)

I’ve written a small background piece about Favorize here: https://medium.com/favorize/favo...

Happy to hear your feedback and answer questions!

Ashwin — Web/Software developer
@yonishechter @bramk Congrats on your launch day :) Great work!
Yoni Shechter — Founder at @FavorizeApp
@ashwinkumar_k really appreciate the kind words! Thank you! 🤗
Bram Kanstein (@bramk) — Creator of @startupstash
I’ve been looking at different tools to share text highlights from articles. After meeting Yoni on Twitter he showed me his tool Favorize, a simple Chrome extension that makes sharing highlights pretty easy.
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