Favicons for your Safari Tabs

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Faviconographer is a small utility for macOS that overlays Favicons on top of your Safari tabs.

This lets you navigate your Safari tabs more quickly.

  • Jordan Foy
    Jordan FoyDirector of Marketing

    Finding tabs is so much easier!


    When going into page view the favicon should stick to safari, not travel with you.

    This tool has made my work life so much easier. I normally have 20+ tabs open full of analytics and so on and finding each one was a pain. Everybody should have this installed.

    Jordan Foy has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Favicons, yay!


    Dim inactive tab icons to grayscale?

    Wonderful idea, creative execution :-)

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Eugen Vărzaru
Eugen Vărzaru@eugenv · A developer who likes to build things.
Safari Extension of the year.
Daniel Alm
Daniel AlmMaker@daniel_a_a
Hello everyone! After John Gruber wrote about Safari's lack of tab Favicons last month, I tried remixing some components of my existing app Timing (https://producthunt.com/posts/ti...) into an app that displays tab Favicons for Safari. It works by asking Safari for a list of all tabs with their titles, URLs and positions, then uses these to fetch the corresponding Favicons and overlay them on top of the current Safari window. I hope you'll find this useful — let me know with a comment!
Lukáš Petr
Lukáš Petr@luksape · Independent iOS developer
This looks interesting and useful, congratulations on launching it, Daniel! I think the main challenge is the layout, and more importantly, the spacing. It looks kind of crammed together. But I guess there's nothing that can be done about that.
Daniel Alm
Daniel AlmMaker@daniel_a_a
@luksape yeah, unfortunately I can't manipulate the layout of Safari's tabs. I think it works better for tabs than for the favorites bar, so that's disabled by default 😅
cocoa:naut 
cocoa:naut @thecocoanaut · Indie Software Developer at cocoa:naut
Oh my... What a great idea! Apple is missing this simple feature for aeons. Very well done Daniel! 👍🏼
Jacob Gorban
Jacob Gorban@jacobgorban · Founder, Apparent Software
Great idea, taking such a suggestion and turning it into an app, Daniel!