Faviconographer is a small utility for macOS that overlays Favicons on top of your Safari tabs.

This lets you navigate your Safari tabs more quickly.

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Safari Extension of the year.
Hello everyone! After John Gruber wrote about Safari's lack of tab Favicons last month, I tried remixing some components of my existing app Timing (https://producthunt.com/posts/ti...) into an app that displays tab Favicons for Safari. It works by asking Safari for a list of all tabs with their titles, URLs and positions, then uses these to fetch the corresponding Favicons and overlay them on top of the current Safari window. I hope you'll find this useful — let me know with a comment!
This looks interesting and useful, congratulations on launching it, Daniel! I think the main challenge is the layout, and more importantly, the spacing. It looks kind of crammed together. But I guess there's nothing that can be done about that.
@luksape yeah, unfortunately I can't manipulate the layout of Safari's tabs. I think it works better for tabs than for the favorites bar, so that's disabled by default 😅
Oh my... What a great idea! Apple is missing this simple feature for aeons. Very well done Daniel! 👍🏼
Great idea, taking such a suggestion and turning it into an app, Daniel!