Make your Twitter favorites private and searchable

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Tom Masiero
@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Really dig the concept.. however I use fav's as an IFTTT recipe to save to pocket when I am using my phone. Will this affect that ?
John Manoogian III
@jm3 · Founder, 140 Proof
I would love using this but the limitations of Twitter’s APIs only allow third-parties to query *the most recent* 3,000-ish favorites. Have these limits been lifted for FavGuard, or are you only able to query + store the most recent 3,000 favorites?
James Peter
@zemaj · Co-Founder, ChargeDesk
This is a great concept, but unfortunately I suspect that this service does not comply with Twitter's API Terms. You must: A. use the Twitter API as provided by Twitter for functionalities in your Service that are substantially similar to a feature of the Twitter service and present this to your users as the default option. D. not frame or otherwise reprodu… See more