Make your Twitter favorites private and searchable



Tom Masiero
@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Really dig the concept.. however I use fav's as an IFTTT recipe to save to pocket when I am using my phone. Will this affect that ?
John Manoogian III
@jm3 · Founder, 140 Proof
I would love using this but the limitations of Twitter’s APIs only allow third-parties to query *the most recent* 3,000-ish favorites. Have these limits been lifted for FavGuard, or are you only able to query + store the most recent 3,000 favorites?
James Peter
@zemaj · Co-Founder, ChargeDesk
This is a great concept, but unfortunately I suspect that this service does not comply with Twitter's API Terms.

You must:
A. use the Twitter API as provided by Twitter for functionalities in your Service that are substantially similar to a feature of the Twitter service and present this to your users as the default option.
D. not frame or otherwise reproduce significant portions of the Twitter service.
F. not use Twitter Content or other data collected from end users to create or maintain a separate status update or social network database or service.

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