Mobile 3D ski maps for every adventure

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Just in time for my trip to Vail!
@scottruona you'll have to let us know what you think!! How long are you going for?
@brandfission A week! I really needed this, too. I'm used to NY mountains, which fit cleanly on a paper map. It's tough to wrap my head around Vail's trail map.
Tell us about the big updates here? FYI the Android app button on the site takes me to the Apple App Store :)
We've been busy. Since our BETA last February, we've massively improved our 3D mapping engine and added lots of automation to our map production chain. All this means we can make maps. Lots of them. Very quickly. Last year it took us 6-8 weeks to produce one map. Now it takes just minutes. We also built a technology platform to scale our map content and let it loose on our new global network of experts bringing the local knowledge and constant updates to all our maps. You'll find every major resort in North America and Europe on FATMAP this season. A web player is on its way and summer maps are are launching this Summer. Our dream of bringing a new type of map to the mountains has finally become a reality.
Nice! I know this is something experienced skiiers would love. All too often it's easy to keep to terrain that everyone knows - this could be a way of skiing some hard to find, but safe, pistes. It's a little slow at the moment though - though the design is cool!
@alicelthwaite exactly. What's lacking in the outdoors is information presented in a way we can intuitively understand. We've had a lot of love recently. A chairman and world-class team of designers and engineers with years of mapping experience behind them have joined (Nokia's Here to name names). Looking forward to taking the product much further.
This looks pretty cool. @Treelinechalets you might like this!
Thanks, @alexmbarton! @treelinechalets - We've started working with chalet companies to provide FATMAP as a tool to show clients new to a resort around. If you'd like some copies of the app to test, drop me an email at adam@fatmap.com
So cool! Haven't been skiing in a while but would love to use this.
@jcampbell_05 thanks, drop us a message if you ever want to try the maps!