The same popular Fathom Analytics platform that was only available via our repo on GitHub is now available as a hosted option!

It's the same open-source software, but entirely managed by us on our cloud network with servers falling under Europe's strong privacy laws.

With Fathom PRO, you just need to plug in our tracking snippet to get started.

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Great timing @pjrvs 😉Earlier today I launched Simple Analytics
@harianus imagine our surprise when we had today on our calendar for a month and noticed your launch 🧐 since you’re already a fathom user, you knew our launch was coming, what our tagline was, and how we were marketing it (simple + privacy focused)...
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Paul and Danny proved their commitment to privacy by open sourcing the entire app so you can see exactly how it works and what data is stored. What other analytics service would do this? None. If you care about privacy, this is the only real option.

I'm not an analytics guru. I don't love logging into Google Analytics. I'm a content creator who wants to see how many people visit my site, what pages they visit, and where people are coming from. I've been using GoSquared for years and appreciate how they put the most important analytics front and center (and hide all the confusing and not important stuff). But, paying $99/mo for GoSquared is too much for what I need. Really excited to have Fathom to replace GoSquared and keep me from having to login to Google Analytics!


It isn't Google Analytics 😂


Only one site per pro account (for now!)

A fantastic example of what a product like this should be. I have nothing but respect for what they have acheived and hope this remains at the core of what they do.


Making the internet a better place



I'm following the repository since I saw it on HN a while ago. Pretty excited to see the quick progress so far and always great to have one more privacy focused analytics alternative out there. The closest competitor I know (and using right now) is probably (They also have a very slick design once you log in, the landing page is outdated) which is cheaper but not open source and on top of that not written in Go which is a plus for me personally. I'm probably going to check out the self hosted version for a while longer to see where the feature roadmap is going.
@tehwey Thanks dewey! And yes, we're working on features for the paid version which are coming quite soon.
@tehwey I really loved but it the none of it's owners were able to give it the love it deserved.