The First Person Shooter in real life (pre-launch)

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I haven't seen anything like this in PH before (correct me if I'm wrong). Really wonder what you guys think about stuff like this. I really like the video and the idea of playing games with people in your area/city that you don't know. But I don't know if I would play this, or what it would take before I would play something like this. Are we ready?
@bramk I think is a great idea and i can't wait to become a REAL PLAYER ;)
The tagline is very scary. I've recently started playing Ingress and getting really into it. Thumb up for apps that merging digital experiences with the real world! If the game gets traction, and will have third-party accessories, then we'll have a problem.
@nikitakorotaev as "we" you mean the ingress community? :D
@hipsterpercaso we = society. accessories = guns (gun-like phone cases).
Daddy likey
Look forward to playing this, part of me wonders about the dangers tho