Get trending posts from PH, HN, reddit, & more in your Slack

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Maker here. We all know there are interesting posts on social sites everyday. But checking every site all the time is too time consuming. So I created FastVoted, to deliver only valuable posts into Slack. It sends you quality posts almost real-time so now you are free from FOMO. Let me know your feedback. I’ll respond as much comments as possible. Thanks.
@moriook any plans on expanding this to other platforms other than slack i.e. discord? Also, are there any plans on to making it a stand alone app? love the product thus far!
@morio - looks interesting - will you be building a general purpose webhook to push any content to Slack?
@grmeyer thanks. Sure, it’s one of the ideas I’m thinking as a next product. Mailchimp/Twilio for Slack. Do you want it? My concern is, whether anyone ever want to receive messages & news in their Slack, even though Slack is said to replace email. FastVoted is in part an experiment to test this question.
I love this, integrated into my slack channel, pretty much my go to now for updates.