Fastnomad Comparison

Backpack ratings for digital nomads

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Great idea but how will it be updated? Woud you also make ratings available from the community or from famous nomads? Or maybe you could add "used by [name of a famous nomad]" with testimonials, I think it'll be cool to have these insights 😸
@matthieudeluze what do you want to update?) We can add more backpacks if people are willing to share their experience. I will contact some nomad communities as well. Thanks!
I came with a pretty simple formula to calculate the rating. From my experience, the most important things are price (1-3 points), dimensions (1-3 points), weight (1-3 points) and a pocket for a laptop (0-1 points). I also made filters like Best, Cheap and Lightweight to collect backpacks in groups.