Fastnomad 2

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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2016
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They look pretty cool. How much can they carry? I'm especially wondering if this "loadout photo" accurate:
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@thibautdavoult Can they carry so much stuff for real?
@tnsrig That's my question yes. It looks pretty unlikely but maybe there are handy stuff to attach some items outside of the bags (like the tarp and shoes for example).
@thibautdavoult @tnsrig thanks for the discussion. It's possible to load all the stuff except shoes and clothing :)
@thibautdavoult @tnsrig hello. I have made a gif. Please take a look. More colors available —
Can't seem to find an image - is there a padded laptop pocket inside?
@anderskravis here is a gif for you
Awesome! it would be interesting to see how it is done internally :) this would be the second version of ?
@00taffe you are right. That's second experiment.
@andygorezkyi I sent you an email yesterday, have you seen it? Let me know!
@mrdobelina hello. I'm traveling right now. Will reply on saturday. Thanks!
These look awesome!
@mijustin thanks for hunting, i'm very appreciate :)
These look really great and I love those noisy canvas textures on outside. I think I need one :))
@andygorezkyi So I just ordered the Rolltop Space. Can't wait to travel with it :)
@marek awesome. Thanks for your support! Will reply soon.