Connects iOS Deployment Tools into one streamlined workflow

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Felix was on 2 months ago with his first deployment tool, deliver. fastlane is the natural evolution of this, enabling iOS developers to fully automate their deployment workflow, including making screenshots of your app and generating provisioning profiles. All with a simple DSL: @krausefx Whats the story behind this unified toolset? How have people been using your open-source tools so far? :)
Hey @lukasfittl, thanks for posting! My first tool deliver received a lot of positive feedback, which is why I decided to implemented more tools. This resulted in a toolchain of 5 iOS related programs. All worked independent from each other. With fastlane, this changes: It connects all deployment related tools (also third party tools, like CocoaPods, HockeyApp or Testmunk) and lets the build steps interact with each other. The actions are modular and can easily be extended to fit every developers' needs. I'll be here to answer any questions, which might come up!
@krausefx thanks for including us :)
What was your motivation to build fastlane?
Acquired by Google as part of the Fabric acquisition: