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Fastgrep is an app built for Slack that helps teams more easily find and organize links and files shared by their team members across their workspaces. All you need to do is add Fastgrep to Slack and it will start listening to all links and files that you and your teammates share. Then simply type /links or /files and voilà!

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Pedro H. Marques
Pedro H. MarquesMaker@marques_ph · Entrepreneur and Product Designer
Thanks for hunting us, @chrismessina! After using Slack quite intensively for both work and my studies at Hyper Island, I realized that it's not unusual to have links (and files, to a lesser extent) buried into the workspace. And as people rely more and more on Slack for their teams' communication, it's easy to lose track of what (and who) shared what (and when). That’s why @paventuri and I built Fastgrep, a Slack app to help your team find and organize all links and files shared in your workspace. At the end of the day, we're on a mission to fight information overload and help people focus on what matters the most: working productively, FOMO-free. To get started with Fastgrep, simply install it to your Slack workspace and it will begin to remember all links (and files) you and your teammates share. Then send `/links` to any channel and Fastgrep will show you a list of what has been shared there. It's even possible to filter by users and channels with a single (the same) slash command. With Fastgrep you and your teammates will never miss a link again :) I’d love to hear the community’s thoughts and opinions on our project. Cheers!
James Diecidue
James Diecidue@amplicity · Founder, Gratify
@chrismessina @paventuri @marques_ph Really awesome! File search in slack is not perfect, we're going to try this, hoping it bridges the gap! Great work all. We're also launching another product soon that helps slack users find experts on-demand ( Cheers from a fellow slack startup 🍻
Pedro H. Marques
Pedro H. MarquesMaker@marques_ph · Entrepreneur and Product Designer
@amplicity great, man! Keep us updated :)
Ashutosh Priyadarshy
Ashutosh PriyadarshyHiring@thepriyadarshy · CEO @ Sunsama
Hey @marques_ph the website and graphics look beautiful. Did you make those yourself? I find Slack distracting and send just a few messages a week in it. I can see this being pretty useful to heavy slack users. I've been desperate for something like your service but inside of Intercom. It's impossible to grep for conversations inside of Intercom in a meaningful way and I can't just ask a customer "what was that thin you said", with a co-worker we can probably ask them or just search in Slack.
Pedro H. Marques
Pedro H. MarquesMaker@marques_ph · Entrepreneur and Product Designer
@thepriyadarshy Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I designed it and took care of the frontend (even though I am no expert) and @paventuri worked on the Slack app itself. Yeah, what we tried to accomplish really was to make it super simple to find links and files shared by a team in their workspace. Currently, if you want to find a link in Slack, you need to be very precise as in searching for something like "has:link after:monday". Plus, if you want to find a link in a specific channel you then need to add "in:channel". That's cumbersome. With Fastgrep, a simple slash command ("/links" or "/files") suffices. All of it within Slack, so you don't need to interrupt your team communications going to an external website, for example.
Jordan Krueger
Jordan Krueger@jordankrueger · Organizer, activist, community builder.
I'm not seeing anything on here about data security, which is always my primary concern before adding a plugin like this to Slack. I'm assuming this app can read all of our messages? Is any of that stored on Fastgrep servers?
Pedro H. Marques
Pedro H. MarquesMaker@marques_ph · Entrepreneur and Product Designer
@jordankrueger thanks for raising this question! You can find the details related to this in our FAQ: