FastFilm Camera

High quality film-like camera

- Allows anyone to take high quality, film camera style photographs.

- By turning the flash on, you can create a photo that is more film-like.

- By using manual focus like an advanced user, you can blur the photo any way you want.

- When you have taken a photo you are happy with, post it on Instagram with #FastFilmClub.

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It's also completely free. Where's the scam?
This looks like a scam app, screenshots are horrible. Who signs off on putting this on ProductHunt?
Have your tried the app yet @stephanlenting? Since this has gone through the App Store review and approval process with the same screenshots, there must be something here we're not seeing..
@angeloe It just looks horrible, don’t have to use the app to recognize quality. ProductHunt needs more quality control.
Hey @kunofellasleep - as the Maker of FastFilm Camera, could you please address @stephanlenting's feedback? Thanks.
@stephanlenting we try to keep the conversation more constructive here. Even though the presentation may not be the best, there may be something fun, unique, interesting in every product or app. Products are a form of expression, very similar to other forms of art like music. This is a growing trend and I understand if many people don't see it this way. 😊
@stephanlenting @rrhoover Stephan got a point though. The quality of the images is terrible. While I wouldn't call it scam, it might be a joke.
Wow.. thank you for all of your feedback. First of all, this is not a scam. 😭 I was developing this by just myself and using such a method because it was difficult to create a screen shot on the iPad when applying for Apple. I did not think that was bad. I will prepare them from the next post. 🙏 btw, thank you for many votes & yesterday’s popular app. 🥳 I thought this app would be ignored by users in Product Hunt. So, I'm very honored!
Thanks @kunofellasleep for the updated screenshots 😃
FYI : Screenshots added.
This will go good with my mechinal feeling keyboard