FastEver 3

Quick note-taking app for Evernote

FastEver 3 is the note-taking app to create Evernote notes quickly.
As it goes to the entry screen right after startup, it's perfect for jotting down ideas and memos.
Notes you save while offline are automatically uploaded when you go online.
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Daigo Wakabayashi
Founder, Rakko Inc.
Hello, I’m Daigo - maker of FastEver 3 from Sapporo, Japan. 🐘We love Evernote, but... Evernote is the full-featured note app/service. It can browse, search, organize notes and of course it can create notes, but Evernote is not specialized note-taking. 🚀We need speed Sometimes, we need speed to jot down ideas to avoid forgetting. That’s why I made FastEver. FastEver goes to the entry screen right after launching, it's perfect for jotting down ideas and memos. 💫Classic but modern app I originally made FastEver 1.0 back in 2010, and today I launched FastEver 3, the third major version. FastEver 3 has been completely redesigned for iOS 13 and made with latest iOS technologies. 🖋Features • Notebook and tags • Checkbox • Timestamp • Evernote reminder • Geolocation tagging • Insert Images • Insert Place Information • Character and word count • Preview Saved Notes • Swipe to move cursor
SnapEntry is free and does the same thing
RakuJust a dude with Erectile Distinction
No version for Android?