Easily find talent to appear in your new product video.

An AI powered talent scout that enables companies and freelancers to discover & hire the most suitable talent, models & performers to appear in their product videos or other advertising materials.

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Hey @david_halb, What have been your most popular cities to date? And what made you want to build this?
Hey @jacqvon, best covered cities to date are EU urban districts, but we’ve laid out fast accuisition channels so it’s very easy to scout wherever you want actually. Well I’ve been active as an executive producer for a longer period and we’ve built Fastcast for our company as support tool, but it kept growing :). Hope that answers your question. If you have more question contact me at
I’m confused here... you charge a monthly fee (with added perks lIke a dedicated agent for a talent), plus also take a 12% commission on their earnings? Unless I’m understanding this wrong, you would be burning both ends of the talent money pile. Surely I missed something ...
@josh_robbins Hey Josh, there is a little thing you missed. We charge only commission to users who are not subscribed to regular plans. In case a talent is on a paying plan the commission lowers drastically to make it cost efficient. The commission / service fee also decreases on higher paid plans. Hope this explains it.

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