Fastest way to capture video in-the-moment

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Hi PH! Excited to show you FastCap and answer any questions. While the app is minimal in nature, we really tried to do a lot with small UX features and think differently about a use case we have all the time. If you'd like to read more about why we built FastCap check out this post "Kill the ‘record’ button: Why we made FastCap and its perspective on skeuomorphism, the homescreen, etc." -
@jonatisokon hey dude - cool product! hope you're doing well
Great idea, like the fact that it saves to my camera roll rather than online. Will check it out, good luck.
@syedaliahmed Thanks Ali! We also drop it in automatically if you record more than 10 secs and have to close the app for some reason.
Love that it starts shooting right away so you don't miss any moments trying to swipe to the video when trying to capture something. I don't shoot a lot of video but this might help me get more into it.