A price comparison engine for running gear

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Hey Product Hunters! I'm one of the founders of Fastblr, our first adventure into the US market (we're from Europe). Our first goal is to solve the search for the perfect running shoe at the best possible price - a $3.09B market segment. Fastblr is just a smaller niche version of Google, nothing more and nothing less. Our robots also index different websites but doing just one thing, ONE TINY THING: finding the best deals on running gear, taking into account to compare, the size and color of the shoe. We have also developed a recomendation algorithm to find the perfect running shoe for each runner: PerfectMatch™ Our vision is to expand Fastblr to other product lines so it will become THE marketplace for running gear first, and sport goods later. Sky is the limit :)
Founder @yclascom @openclassifieds
Great job! Supporting this from my beloved Spanish country ;) Hunters do not miss the Perfect Match assistant:
For me there won't be a better moment as this one for buying running shoes. Fastblr get the best deal for the user by comparing product prices in many different shops. Great team, great product, great values.