Fast shopping

Simple application for easy shopping list making.

🔍 When you make your shopping list you need simplicity.

📋 When you look at your shopping list you need clarity.

Fast shopping is very simple and intuitive application, for everyone.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

Very usefull app, that should be installed by everyone (everyone is shopping, isn't it? ;))


Very fast, simple and affordable for literally EVERYONE



Simple and not overcomplicated app. Works like a Post-It with shopping list.


Simple and handy shopping list app!


Don't see any for now

Hi! 👋 I'm Albert Wolszon, 18 year old from Poland and the creator of the Fast shopping app. My application solves a very common problem, which is creating a shopping list. There are already many apps that solve that exact problem. But Fast shopping solves it in a slightly different way. My main goal during development of the app was to make it as simple as it can be. No extra helpful features, no hidden buttons or actions. Just a simple list and add or remove button. Target of the app consists of those, who don't want to use a piece of paper with a pen for shopping lists anymore, but at the same time, they want just the basic functionality this paper gave them. Speaking more personally, I made this app particularly for my mom 👱‍♀️, but I liked it and wanted to give it to broader audience. Your feedback is very welcome! ✨
I think Bring is more intuitive and easy to use