Fast FODMAP Lookup & Learn

15% of Americans should be on low FODMAP diet

My hack day project to help people learn FODMAP. 10-15% of Americans have IBS symptoms and should be following a low FODMAP diet. It is super hard to learn. This app tries to solve that using spaced repetition learning and very fast food lookups. This app will be always free.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
I'd love to hear more about what drove you to build this, and why you chose space repetition as a method for learning @stuartargue
Stuart Argue
@abadesi I have a close friend with IBS. Remembering FODMAP content of foods is really hard as there is seemingly no patterns to it hence the "Learn" half of the app. Spaced repetition was a technique some friends had played with in the past and I quite like Duolingo mechanics. The Lookup part was out of trying some other offerings and thinking they were rather clunky. e.g. Having result entry text in what seems like reverse polish order. The final reason I chose this feature set is that it was something I thought I could code in 8 hours. Ended up taking 15 all in spread over the last 10 days.
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