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I assume a lot of you remember FAST.com by Netflix that was launched around 3 months ago.... I do because my speed was this bad: Now while I'm in Mallorca I get this :) Anyway, now they have an Android and iPhone app!! Netflix also published a blog post yesterday: Building fast.com Oh and The Next Web wrote about it too: Netflix’s super simple speed test tool is now available on Android and iOS h/t @nattgarun
@bentossell @nattgarun I don't use it because it seems that it's a speed test between the user and Netflix servers (or CDN). So, as I'm in China and Netflix has no official presence here, I get really poor results on fast.com. Example: I just tried, with VPN off and fast.com gave me something around 1Mbps. Speedtest under the same circumstances showed my bandwidth to be 106Mbps. So, yes, use this if you want the speed to the nearest Netflix server, but don't even think of it as a reliable measure of actual speed. (note both tests carried out in browser, no point in trying the mobile version for me)
@frassmith @bentossell @nattgarun However, it's an accurate predictor of actual behaviour given that they use their actual CDN and content to test. This makes it look like regular traffic and the ISPs can't game the system by detecting traffic to speedtest.net and giving you a temporary speed boost. Details here: http://techblog.netflix.com/2016...
@frassmith Hi, I'm pretty sure I read that this is one of the reasons why Netflix created the site. ISPs where throttling Netflix traffic. The other problem was that ISPs where boosting performance from the more common speed checking sites. So to prove that both issues were true, they create a speed checker that uses their own servers. You have a unique situation where Netflix is not supported or banned in China, but it does show that the government is probably throttling Netflix traffic, which still helps Netflix to prove their point.
Not sure why they built this when the web experience works on mobile.
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@staticsteven so you can talk about it twice.
Love Fast.com. I've been down many rabbit holes with my connection to netflix. My latest solution is to have my netflix device (TV) tunneling through a VPN to work to bypass the ISPs saturated links because I get less than 10 mbps during peak times. The kicker is I pay for Gigabit fiber! regular connection: 1mbps - 500mbps depending on time of day. connected through work VPN: 100mbps consistently. Thanks Fast.com team for helping me gather data!
Why bother with the app when the website works just fine on mobile?
Got 4.0 Mbps. #FeelsGoodMan