Test your download speed using Netflix's

fast-cli is a command-line app to quickly check your download speed using the Netflix service.

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I've previously made a CLI for called speed-test, so I thought it would be a fun exercise to make one for too. This one was harder though, as they don't have a public API, so I ended up having to use a headless browser.
@sindresorhus excuse my ignorance, but what platform is this for? Can it be used on Windows (do not recognize the commands)
@armand_paz You need to download Node.js first. Should work on Windows too.
That was fast a CLI for testing your internet speed from your console. $ npm install --global fast-cli
@mscccc I see what you did there
@rrhoover @mscccc your office internet sux so much??
@orliesaurus @rrhoover That gif is from the repo, not us :)
@mscccc @rrhoover hahahahahaha just a prank!