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Chatbot for fashion shopping with AI image search

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This will be life changing!
Thanks @jacqvon for hunting us. Hello Product Hunters! We are proud to introduce our Fashionbot: a fashion shopping search engine in the form of a Messenger bot. Using machine learning, FashionBot serves as your virtual assistant, finding you exactly what you are looking for, instantly! Simply start either by uploading an image or text message. FashionBot will automatically analyze the image or keywords, crawl our largest e-commmerce database, and return similar items ranked by the relevance and personalization . You can also look under the "Sales" button for the hottest deals, based on your favorite brands and most recent purchases. We will be adding on more ‘skills’ to our bot to make it your favorite personal stylist with instant access ALL shoppable stores and brands. Suggestions welcome. Also coming up is an AR mobile app for shopping. Stay tuned. We look forward to hearing what you think, and appreciate all feedback about our latest bot!
@jacqvon @manindrax Hi Manindra, good to see that new updates are coming. ATB. Honestly, I am not a big fan of these messenger bots. I tried a couple in the past, but didn't had a nice experience.
@vignesh_tronics Hang in there.....we are building the ultimate shopping bot ....this is just a peek. thanks for trying our bot
Excited to try this. Looks very cool!
@furkhan334 Thanks Mohammed! Hope you enjoy using our bot.
So excited to start using the bot!
Mobile users, try this link while we fix the website chat button