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Make money from sharing & tagging the brands you're wearing

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Note: Watch FashionTap on “Shark Tank” on April 29, 2016, 9:00 - 10:00 p.m., ET/PT.
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@nikkielizdemere Thx for sharing us with the PH community, Nichole! =D
@eddyroche Would you be willing to share your experiences as to how you got on Shark Tank? That's going to be awesome to watch! Best of luck
@ridderingand_ @eddyroche It's more about what we're allowed to share. @amyroiland had to submit a really long application and then prepare tons more materials both business and creative for the show. They had over 50,000 applicants and there's no guarantee they'll air you even if you're chosen to tape with them. We're all very excited for her and that she's made it this far! :D
@nikkielizdemere Thank you so much Nichole!
@ridderingand_ @eddyroche Yes I got on the show by being discovered doing a talk on my app at the GA general assembly. the casting director saw me there and said I had to try out! I sent a video in I shot myself and they loved it. I have a ton of passion for my app so they say I was a shoe in.
FashionTap is also a great app for shoppers to seek out brands, boutiques, bloggers, celebrity stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and other content creators who post shoppable OOTD and style posts. Our mission is to help consumers find and follow influencers who will inspire them to buy great fashion and beauty products.
Hehe, interesting perspective! As a UX Researcher and from working with similar things to Lyst, Keep and Polyvore...curious to see how motivated the average user (w/ no insane following fashion base; aka 'Tumblr/Instafamous fashonistas') will be to actually want to accumulate the affiliate fees in the long run of their daily activity (which might not be exponential) to continue sharing their photos and linking every single product when they may currently use Instagram/Tumblr/Pinterest as their social regime already, but I guess this puts it all together right?! :-) What's the cut for the users, 2-4% (avg. affiliate rates we'd get is around 8-15% with VigLink)? I'd actually use this!....a lot! Totally stoked to see the SharkTank episode and wish best of luck on this wonderful venture! Cheers!
@dylanopet Cheers Dylan! The commission FashionTap users receive is anywhere from 3%-35% depending on the merchant. They can enter their PayPal email address or enter their user ID from one of our affiliate network partners to get paid. This includes VigLink :-)
@eddyroche Sweet!! Love it Eddy, you'll see me around posting outfits!
@dylanopet @eddyroche Awesome! I wanted to mention that you can share your shoppable FashionTap photos on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. If they're on iOS links will open directly in the app and if they're on desktop it will go to a webpage that lets them shop the photo.
@danilosapad @eddyroche Game, set, match! :-)
This excites me, but I am clueless how, as a fashion brand, I am to use this. I get the concept (I think), but how can I get in touch with influencers to showcase @AirTailor?
@jabrueckner Hi Joshua, maybe @afashionnerd can provide more details. :)
@jabrueckner Hey Josh, once you download the app and play around with it, you'll see the UX is very familiar. If you need more info, FashionTap has a youtube channel with various "how-to" vids:
@jabrueckner @airtailor You can easily import your photos you already share on Instagram and tag them with links back to your brand's website and get new customers. You can also search for fashion bloggers and models by location and popularity who you may want to work with. Lots of models and fashion bloggers have connected with brands on FashionTap. They then post their outfits on FashionTap and other social media channels where their followers can purchase your products through their photos.
Is there any approximation how much one can make? and for how many tags?
@evivz Hey Vivek, this will depend on the items you are tagging in your photos, the commission we've negotiated with the retailer and the number of FashionTap users who purchase an item from your photo. We expect our top users to make a lot of money one day in the not too distant future.
@eddyroche so basically the figure it totally unclear for now.
@evivz @eddyroche Hi Vivek, I can give you some insider stats. You get a commission on products from over 50,000 retailers because we aggregate multiple affiliate networks. You also can make money when someone just clicks on a product you tag in your photo. On average you make about 5 cents per click through and I’ve seen as much as 35 cents. If a user buys a product from your photo you can make anywhere from 3% - 35% with an average of 8% per product sold. If a user buys a $1,000 purse from your profile you're looking to make anywhere from $30 - $350 or $80 on average. Does that help clarify things?