Fashion Revolution Bot by Brightly

Change the fast fashion industry in 30 seconds

Fast fashion is the second largest pollutor in the world. This Messenger bot emails your favorite fast fashion brand in 30 seconds to ask about their supply chain.
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This week is Fashion Revolution Week ( — a movement that campaigns for a fashion industry that conserves and restores our environment and gives people, especially women, a voice. An industry where dignity in work is the standard and not an exception. I couldn't find a fast, scalable way to contact my favorite fast fashion brands to ask about their supply chains (#whomademyclothes) so Jen and I built this Messenger Bot. We're also building out a platform that connects people to sustainable + ethical products, stories, and more at (currently in beta)

There must be a way to measure the consumer demand in the fashion space


it's the right thing to do


the brands will may no respond

Amazing. I think this is very helpful for us. Keep it up & go ahead.
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