Fashion Frog

Get a suitable outfit to wear today, depending on weather.

🎩🐸 Tremendous days deserve nice outfits.
App that gives you the weather and an outfit that would work for you today.
It's fully Free and designed for Men & Women!
Try it now! 🌈🌧☂👒
Hey Product Hunters! 😺😺😺 I'm Théo, Thanks for checking out FASHION FROG ! 🥳🐸🎩 Fashion Frog is my second side project of the year. (Go check More Than Six Packs if you want to see the first one... 😉) The goal of Fashion Frog is to give you the weather and an outfit that would work for you today. The app is designed for Men & Women, you can set Days, Language, Unit, Theme,... And it's fully FREE ! 🌈🌧☂👒 I am obviously open to feedback so please if you have any thoughts share them below! Enjoy 🚀 FYI, I was inspired by an amazing illustration base go check it : Humaaans My product hunt profile : @crcht
Beautiful UI solving a simple problem 🙌
Thanks for the feedback @lachlankirkwood ! 💯
Elegant design and usefull!
Thanks @fabien_b ! 😸
Love the UI. As someone working on a style related platform, this is great. Wish you all the best!
@steve_jackson1 I just checked your website, very nice idea and very simple to use. Well done ! 🙌
Thanks @crcht. Will be launching an update this summer and will share here on ProductHint. Hope that you will check it out!