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I tried out and...how are you going to differenciate you from google maps ? For example when i want to save a good place i just save it on Gmaps. Note: on the ios app, when you are on the setting page there is not link to come back to the homepage.
@alantrumeau Hi Alan! Thank you for showing interest in Faros : ) Actually the main difference can be found when managing the places you saved. The simple fact of organizing them in boards is much more practical. Letting your friends collaborate on your boards is a cool feature too. Our goal isn't to compete with gmaps but to offer more management options.
This is a stunning looking app but I see some native competition from iOS Photos and Google's own solutions through Drive. I'll still try it out, though! @weilah
Cool @davidsfeng!! Thanks for your feedback! It's always welcome. Actually we're focusing more on locations, places, pois... (with photo as a cover). And using the concept of boards to group and manage all of them. Let us know your opinion after using it for a while.