Better groceries for busy people, delivered in 60 mins.

Farmstead offers 1-hr groceries, delivering the essentials without dealing with parking and lines.

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I've been a Farmstead customer for months now and love it. Farmstead is a better grocery delivery option for people in the Bay Area. They have super convenient delivery options ranging from weekly delivery with no delivery fees, to 1 hour delivery for $4.99. One aspect I really like is that the team has been thoughtful about waste reduction. The bags and ice packs are reusable and even pick up milk bottles from prior deliveries. Reminds me of the old milkman model!
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@hnshah Thank you Hiten!
BEST FEATURE: On-demand LaCroix πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
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@rrhoover <3<3<3
@rrhoover Gotta have it.
Hi everyone, I'm one of the founders of Farmstead along with @liveink. We started Farmstead over a year ago to make high quality food accessible to everyone, and to save you time and money. It's 2017 - why are we still going to the supermarket instead of getting perfect produce and essentials delivered to our doorsteps? Farmstead is a full-stack digital grocer that leverages machine learning to reduce food waste. We operate our own micro-hubs in the Bay Area that carry a curated assortment of the highest quality items in each category. Order with our mobile web app in minutes (app coming soon), and get a delivery in under 60 minutes in SF, or on the same day. We have a zero-waste goal - and have chosen to package only in insulated bags with ice packs, that we bring back to the hub and re-use for other deliveries. Our ML stack helps us drastically cut down on hub wastage compared to traditional supermarkets, while taking into account weekly, seasonal and yearly growth. Our delivery partners deliver in tight, geographically dense delivery routes. In SF, we can deliver a huge order of groceries for you in practice in 25-35 minutes, which is less time than it takes for you to even set foot in a supermarket. We would love your feedback - @liveink and I are here to answer any questions! You can also email me at
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@pradeep24 congrats! love the zero-waste goal!
Hi @pradeep24, this is really awesome job you did! I have a question - do you have an API? Will be happy hear "Yes":)
@arthur_tkachenko Depends ;) What would you build on top of it?
@bretthellman It's something we care about deeply.
Their one hour delivery is super impressive. Ordered Farmstead from UberEATS and had groceries in like 30 mins!
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@sososazesh awww thank you!
getting groceries in 1hr in sf felt like magic. high quality avocados / eggs / produce, on the level of what i would've chosen myself (but i didn't have to). excited to see this publicly launch!
@smalter hopefully in nyc!