Buy Your Food Straight From The Local Farmers

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I like products that remove the middle-man and bring people together...I also really love fruit :-)
@UXAndrew nice find! Don't be fooled though, Farmigo has become the middle man in this scenario. Which is not a bad thing it all :)
Its really great to see these and while I usually wish new things launched in Portland, we have a wealth of CSA options as well as farmers markets almost year round. In conjunction with a great local grocery chain dedicated to fresh food, we are pretty lucky we don't need a service like this here. Wish them all the best !!
Plans for Seattle availability? Partnerships with delivery services so I don't have to go pick stuff up somewhere?
@kgdavis There's a startup we're familiar with (we're in @weworksea officed near them) called @farmstr that has launched in Seattle doing a very similar thing. They're in the middle of a refactoring of their website but the service has been serving customers for some time now. I believe they also do free delivery in Seattle. (not 100% sure though) I love the idea of connecting with local farmers to feed my family and support local food economies as well. I hope these direct to consumer markets scale so we can begin to approach the economics of big distribution.
@markgustav you guys are based in Seattle? we should chat! I've seen Farmstr, but I think they've added free delivery since I last visited their site - way more compelling not having to go somewhere
@kgdavis Yep, we're in South Lake Union. Everywhere I go I see thousands of blue-badged Amazon employees with glazed looks in their eyes. Let's connect!
My pick up spot was 30 Broad Street in the Financial District of New York City. My weekly veggie oasis of interesting farm fresh products. This month we tried to launch our own community in hopes of spreading the word and help some farms. Unfortunately, it is not to be. I loved the service, the food and the quality of Farmigo all around.